Identifying equalities issues

Sometimes it is fairly obvious the ways in which we might discriminate or exclude, at other times it is much more complex and subtle and we may be completely unaware about what’s happening. What is important is that we give thought to what ‘equalities’ might mean in practice. Have a look at the table below and have a go at responding to the questions – you can download a copy of it here

The situation What are the equalities   issues? Who are they issues for? What are the implications?
Holding a local meeting in an area with little street lighting and in a building with steps up to the entrance
A temporary bus stop move
A poorly maintained park with broken glass and damaged lighting
Letters from the council about refuse collection arrangements
Suggestions that people phone a helpline
Instructions that wheelie bins all need to be taken to the end of the road for collection
Invitations to everyone celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary to attend the Mayors Jubilee Ball
Request for the head of household to complete the form provided
Publicity for local sports facilities that show a group of runners
‘No ball games’ notices
Local hog roast community picnic

You may have come up with a range of different issues. For example, suggestions that people phone a helpline assume that they can hear, access a phone, feel confident about pressing the right buttons etc. ‘No ball games’ can feel very disempowering for young people, publicity with pictures can be inclusive or exclusive. Wheelie bins require certain levels of strength and mobility. No gay people will have been married or even ‘civily partnered’ for 60 years!

Download some examples of what people have said



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