About this resource

This resource is part of our changes ‘on the tin’ series of practical guides for community engagement. Throughout you will see grey boxes – these contain questions to encourage you to think about your own work.

Working in Inclusive Ways explores the current context regarding equalities, contains useful information and references, and provides food for thought about how your own practice impacts on ‘communities’. Ideally, it complements a facilitated workshop* and contains information and ideas about:

  • national and local context for equalities, exclusion and diversity
  • key issues relating to equality and diversity in practice
  • attitudes to fairness and how that impacts on practice

It’s aimed at anyone who is involved in planning and delivering community engagement at any level and in any context

If you work through this resource systematically, you will:

  • Be more aware of equalities legislation as it relates to community engagement practice
  • Understand more about ‘exclusion’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘disadvantage’ and what this means for different groups of people
  • Have a better understanding of the role you play in delivering inclusive community engagement to ensure that the voices of vulnerable and specific groups in the community are heard

* to find out more about the facilitated workshop give us a nudge: contact us


1 thought on “About this resource

  1. Beverly Jones (working with Deborah Fisher)

    Great resource, and so important to major on equality dimension in engagement which is often being missed in the ‘real’ sense in the scramble for public sector enagement / consultation currently. Important to have these resources at your finger-tips. We will make sure that this is circulated to the South West Forum, Voice Network!

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